Thursday, January 16, 2014

Freedom Writers: Poems by Kia Rowel


Sitting in the dark
Feeling a pain
Not a physical pain
but a mental pain
the pain knowing you're not here
the pain of not hearing yo voice
Not seeing yo face no more
It feels like this pain will
never fade away...
My love for you is unconditional
I will miss you forever
This pain is unbelievable
If we could only trade places
Just so the twins, Lil Don and
Geia, could have their father
Even doe Me and You didn't have
ours. I love you and
I miss you but Ima keep my
head up just for you...
          Rest Brother

My Streets
In my streets I see teenage boys
getting shot for a toy
In my streets I see drug houses
Change needs to come.
My streets are little girls with
little girls
I see holes in my streets
Will change ever come?
I see Poverty
Change will someday come.
My street there is black on black
There is racism with hatred
In my streets I see 
New Orleans.

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