Monday, August 25, 2014

Get ready for Bulldog Football!

Joseph S. Clark Preparatory High School's football team spent this past weekend at Paul B. Johnson State Park, getting ready for football season. The training camp focused on building a strong foundation of teamwork and commandery among players and coaches. The Clark Bulldogs are predicted to finish at in the top 3 in District-3A for the 2014 season!

Bulldog football will kick-off the season, this Friday, August 29th with a pre-season game against Cohen College Prep. The game will be at 3:30 pm at Isidore Newman located at 1903 Jefferson Ave.

Get ready for Bulldog football! Click the image below to watch the Bulldogs gear up for another great season.

Go Bulldogs!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

FirstLine classrooms incorporate Physical Activity Breaks into daily routines

Since 2011, School Health Connection has been working to train teachers throughout New Orleans to incorporate more physical activity in their classrooms. In spring of 2013, teachers and staff at Dibert, Ashe, Langston Hughes, and Green began incorporating physical activity breaks, known as “Instant Recesses,” into their daily routines.

One student shared, “Recess is short, so with Instant Recess, it gives us a chance to take a break and get our blood pumping.”

But what exactly is “Instant Recess?” These short breaks throughout the school day involve activities like yoga and dance and give students a chance to unwind and reset while engaging in healthy physical activity and bonding with their classmates. Students especially enjoy showing off their best dance moves to their classmates or singing along to the latest Calvin Harris and tracks!

“Like all of us, children learn better and work better and their brains are more active when they are taking breaks occasionally,” said FirstLine CEO Jay Altman.

Besides numerous health benefits, these breaks can improve classroom behavior, memory, and concentration as well as re-engage and re-energize students, making for a healthier, more enjoyable school day. Check out School Health Connection’s video on Physical Activity Breaks highlighting some FirstLine students:

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Meet FirstLine's Ben Franklin High School Class of 2019!

As the school year comes to a close, our eighth graders are looking forward to their next journey - high school. High school is an exciting time filled with increasing moments of freedom, rigours classes, lessons learned, and growing up.

Ben Franklin High School is continuously ranked at as one of the best high schools in Louisiana, with over 80% of their graduates being college-ready. A selective high school, that not only offers rigorous academics but also varsity sports and a wide-variety of after school clubs and enrichment programs, Ben Franklin is the top choice for many incoming Freshman in the New Orleans area. We are proud to announce that some of our very own Samuel J. Green Charter School and John Dibert Community School alum will be enrolled at Ben Franklin High School in the 2014-15 school year.

Meet our students and future Ben Franklin grads:

Ryan, an eighth grader at Green Charter was accepted into every single high school he applied to. Ryan chose Ben Franklin because of the opportunities the school would provide him. In addition to playing football (he's a running back), Ryan is excited about the academics and robotics club.

Jerson, also an eighth grader at Green Charter, decided on Ben Franklin over Lusher because of the freedom the school would offer. Jerson is only looking forward, excited to leave middle school and begin the next chapter of his life. Jerson intends to play soccer and football while at Ben Franklin.

Vinny, an eighth grader at Green Charter, chose Ben Franklin because his brother goes there. Vinny said, there "is greater potential and opportunity for me there." While some students make the decision in the months leading up to 8th grade promotional activities, Vinny has known he would go to Ben Franklin since the fifth grade. In the seventh grade, Vinny decided that he would focus on writing, refining his skills and perfecting his fictional short stories. Vinny has high hopes for next year, but is confident that Ben Franklin will be fulfilling.

For Kennadi, an eighth grader at Dibert, Ben Franklin has always been a dream. It was actually her mother who sent in her application. Kennadi is quiet and hard-working, skills she thinks will allow her to excel academically in high school. In addition to joining the softball and volleyball team, Kennadi is most excited about having a locker!

Kayla is ready for a challenge. She is very much aware of Ben Franklin's reputation and is eager to work hard. Kayla was also accepted to Warren Easton and the International School, but felt that Ben Franklin would be the best fit for her personality. Like Jerson, Kayla is excited about the freedom that high school promises. But she also knows as difficult as it was to get in, it is just as hard to stay in. Kayla intends to play volleyball in addition to joining the chorus club, swim team and debate team.

Karrie, an eighth grader at Dibert and Kayla's sister, will also be attending Ben Franklin. Karrie's dream is to save the environment, to save our world. Karrie has joined theatre, speech, debate, softball, swimming and the animal conservation club.

Destiny and Jalyn, both eighth graders at Dibert, are ready for a more advanced and fast-paced learning environment. While both students were accepted into nearly every school they applied to, both agreed that Ben Franklin provides a diverse environment that will enable them to meet new people, learn new things, and have new experiences.

Donald Frank, an eighth grader at Dibert, chose Ben Franklin because it is "the best school in New Orleans." While Donald is not looking forward to studying, he is ready to move on in life. Donald has joined football, the video game club, debate and drama. All the students from Dibert headed to Ben Franklin have formed a study group. Donald is glad that he will have familiar faces next year, as well as academic support.

Donald Oliver, an eighth grader at Langston Hughes Academy will also be attending Ben Franklin this August. Donald has been at LHA since the 5th grade, excelling in particular in Math and Science. He earned high school credit by performing well on the Biology EOC and Algebra EOC, so he will be headed to Franklin ahead of the curve!

Thal'neisha Weston: Has been one of the top scholars at LHA since 5th grade, excelling in particular in Social Studies. She'll be entering Franklin with EOC credit in American History, allowing her to take advanced classes as a freshman!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Orange Day for Kay

In February, we found out that one of our second grade scholars at John Dibert Community School has leukemia. On Friday, May 30th, John Dibert Community School students, staff and families came together to celebrate "Kay Day." Clad in orange t-shirts, beads, and stickers, the entire school showed support for the incredibly hard journey Kay has before her as she fights cancer. In a single day, our teachers and scholars raised $1,311.13 for Kay and her family.

Teachers have been sharing a variety of resources to talk to scholars about this disease, and what Kay is going through. While the day was filled with stories of inspiration and love, this one in particular stood out.

A lower-school scholar had forgotten to wear orange in honor of Kay Day. The student overheard a couple of teachers discussing what the money was for. He quietly left the room and came back, proudly holding three shiny pennies that he had been keeping in his backpack. The student had not yet learned about money, but he knew he had some and that it had a better purpose than in his backpack.

As we continue to show our love and support, the staff at John Dibert Community School has set up a donation page to help Kay's family cover the financial costs that come along with being diagnosed with leukemia. To show your support, please go here.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Joseph S. Clark Preparatory High School Senior Lunch

Bulldog Alumni sent our seniors off with a congratulatory lunch! 

Soon to be Bulldog Alumni sat down to enjoy a late lunch with our current Bulldog Alumni. The program included an inspirational talk by Blair Boutte, spoken word from Clark Prep staff, Charlie Vaughn, words of encouragement from Pastor Fred Luter, Jr. and award presentations. 

As one chapter ends, another begins. We know that this is only the beginning of the incredible journey each one of our graduates will take. We want to wish them the best of luck! Senior Graduation is Wednesday May 21, 2014. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Code Academy Attends 2nd Annual National WWII Museum's Robotic Challenge

"I've failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed." - Michael Jordan
Meet the Dibert Team!
Jared, Macallister, Macailen, Jaylen, Marvin, Kayla, Jordan, and Greyson

These are words to live by. While John Dibert Community School's Code Academy experienced some failures at the Second Annual National WWII Museum's Robotic Challenge, there were a lot more success. 

With a team of fourth through seventh graders, Code Academy competed in the WWII Museum's Second Annual Robotics Challenge. Each of the challenges fit into a D-Day theme, as our team worked to program an autonomous robot to avoid beach obstacles, unload soldiers from a Higgins boat, and build a pipeline to the English Channel. Students competed alongside other teams from all over Louisiana along with teams from Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas. 

A big shout out to the John Dibert Community School Code Academy for both their success and lessoned learned!

The team visits the real Higgins boat after a successful day of programming.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Special Olympics Field Day at Arthur Ashe Charter School

This past Saturday, Coach Tamara Schuit and a group of coaches and volunteers held the second FirstLine Special Olympics event.  As Coach T describes it, “We watched with full hearts as students from Dibert, Ashe, Green, and LHA participated in basketball, volleyball, and track and field events with coaches, volunteers, parents and siblings cheering them on. SHOUT OUTS to our amazing coaches and volunteers Ms. E, Ms. Clayton, Ms. Meekins, Ms. Landry (and her son/daughter), and our ESY peeps Donna Cavato and Jess Bloomer who helped make the day a huge success!”  Thank you Coach T and team for making this happen.