Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rapper Dee-1 Visits Clark Prep English Class!

Rapper Dee-1 made a special visit to an 11th grade English class at Clark Prep, last week, to speak about his work, success and commitment to education and positivity.  The rapper, who "branded himself as the politically inclined rapper who reports about the streets and offers genuine, educated insight on Black America’s ills and the solutions it needs," is currently on the rise nationwide after his single "Jay, 50 and Weezy" and "The One that Got Away" have seen national success. 

During his visit, the rapper performed for the students, talked about his experience growing up in New Orleans East, and how his new album reflects his life philosophy: 

“The name of the album is Mission Vision, and that’s the motto I have for how I live,” Dee explains, talking louder and faster as his ideas start pouring out. “Mission vision means focusing and keeping an eye on what’s important. Don’t worry about goliaths. Be bold and confident in your pursuit of a better life. Plan. Prepare. Pray. Work.”

A more detailed description of his visit is featured in the cover story article about him, written by David Dennis in this month's Offbeat magazine. Read more about Dee-1 and his visit to Clark Prep here!

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