Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Meet Felix and the Green Flag Football Team

Green Flag Football Team
The Green Flag Football team has dominated the Charter School Athletic Association (NOCSAA) flag football league, as the undefeated champions for the last four years! The team's success can be attributed to the inclusive, supportive environment both the coach and teammates have created.

Meet Felix!
Felix and Coach T going over goals
Felix has been on the Green flag football team for two years. Felix is in the 6th grade, and lives with his mom, dad, older brother and two sisters. In addition to training for flag football, Felix loves to go camping, take trips with his family, and play laser tag. Felix has been working with Coach Tamara Schuit since the second grade. Hard work along with the support of family and teammates, has enabled Felix to excel on the flag football team. 

We asked Felix a few questions:
Q: What motivated you to be on the team?
A: Peyton Manning on the Denver Broncos because he finished college, he's an awsome player and he worked hard for what he wanted.
Felix and Coach T practicing

Q: What steps has he taken to get where he is now? (football?)
A: Lots of running so I play longer, push-ups, sit-ups and working with Coach T for 5 years (she helps me to do my best and work hard).

Q: What are your future goals?
A: Go to high school, then college for 2 years and then work with my brother Lewis.

A big shout out to the Green Flag Football team! Good luck on your next game.

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