Friday, April 13, 2012

Press Release: FirstLine Food Service gives students a TASTE of the action!

Students at Dibert enjoy a taste!
FirstLine school cafeterias have consistently been rated some of the best in the city, and FirstLine Food Services ensures that our clients, the students, have input in the creation of healthy and delicious menus for their daily lunches. On April 4th, at John Dibert Community School, 50 students were invited to taste and rate new and existing items for the next school year menu, including: Chicken Etouffee, Asparagus and Brussell Sprouts, Turkey burgers and Garden Burgers.  On April 5th, students at Arthur Ashe Charter school were able to taste and rate two versions of Chicken A La King.

Jasmine completes a survey at Clark Prep.
On April 11, we let the big kids have a say, with Asian Chicken Dinner tastings at Clark Prep!  Over 250 students tasted and rated Teriyaki or General Tso Chicken with whole grain Chow Mein noodles and a fruit kabob garnish and fortune cookies.

Thanks to the support of ESY NOLA, who supported the tastings, Matt Morel and Associates, a local food broker, who cooked and donated all the food for the tastings.  FirstLine students loved the opportunity to try new foods and give input on the menus, and are excited about the opportunity to participate in future tastings!
Phyllis and Darius discuss the options at Clark Prep.
Clark's Ms. Magee enjoys the tasting!

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