Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Food and Fun Events at Firstline Schools

2010 Iron Chef Winners!

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us and I bet you’re wondering why! We have been busy preparing for some great events coming up in November!

On Thursday, November 10th, ESY NOLA and Culinary Corps have a  day-long food and fun extravaganza planned! It will kick off with Green Charter’s 6th Annual Iron Chef Competition! This competition will feature 60 of our 7th graders along with local New Orleans chefs and chefs from all over the U.S.

Also on November 10th is our FIRST Family Food Night at John Dibert! The Curious Case of the Missing Food Pyramid  is the theme for the night and will feature interactive cooking stations, recipe samples and games to introduce everyone to the new MyPlate icon.

The week of Nov. 7th  will be even more exciting because we will have our second set of Tulane University Dietetic Interns. They will be collecting data about our salad bars and also doing some plate waste studies at each of the Firstline School locations.  Also, make sure you stop by for Green Charter’s second Open Garden Day of the year on Saturday, Nov. 12th!

Coming up is our first Family Food Night for this school year at Green Charter and will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 15th with a focus on healthy holiday recipes! Check back to see the results of our Iron Chef Competition and all of our other great events! 

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  1. Family Food Night at Dibert was wonderful! Thanks so much to the whole team for putting together a fabulous event. Just another reason I love working at Dibert! :-)