Thursday, September 1, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Langenstein’s Announces Partnership with Edible Schoolyard New Orleans

New Orleans, LA, September 1, 2011 -- Langenstein’s, a 90 year old specialty foods market located in Uptown and Metairie, announced today an exciting new partnership with Edible Schoolyard New Orleans, to “change the way kids eat, learn and live” by sponsoring field trips and community garden visits. 

Edible Schoolyard NOLA was founded in 2006 as a way to promote a sense of pride and responsibility among local children for fresh, seasonal foods. The program reinforces social and environmental stewardship for more than 2,000 students at five public charter schools in the FirstLine Schools network.  ESY NOLA's specialized grade-level programming provides experiential learning through hands-on kitchen and garden classes and seasonal events that promote the food traditions of New Orleans.

 “We are extremely proud of our program and have always made enriching, hands-on experiences that are practical and educational for the kids a top priority,” says Edible Schoolyard NOLA Executive Director Donna Cavato. “We’re so happy to have a local, home-grown grocery sponsor to reinforce our values and to show our children the full cycle of how food gets from the garden to the store.”

In addition to hosting field trips in their Metairie location where students will learn from the butcher, produce and seafood managers, Langenstein’s will provide lunch for volunteers at all Open Garden Days through 2012.  Open Garden Days are open to the wider community to learn how to garden and compost, and has helped to care for the expansive garden at Samuel J. Green Charter School.  This year, the partnership will allow ESY NOLA to expand its Open Garden Days to Langston Hughes Academy Charter School for the first time.

“Langenstein’s is known for carrying local, fresh vegetables and fruits, in addition to the highest-quality meat and seafood in New Orleans,” says Trey Lanaux, fifth-generation of Langenstein’s. “We are also proud to support local nonprofits like Edible Schoolyard NOLA, and fully back their mission to teach kids how to live a healthier lifestyle.”

The Langenstein’s and Edible Schoolyard partnership will kickoff on Saturday, September 10, 2011 for Open Garden Day at Green Charter. Additionally, students from Green and Arthur Ashe Charter schools will be visiting the store later in the school year.

About Edible Schoolyard New Orleans
Created in 2006, the Edible Schoolyard New Orleans (ESY NOLA) serves more than 2,000 public school students across the FirstLine Schools network, at four (4) Kindergarten-8th grade schools and one (1) 9th-12th grade high school.  Children learn how to grow and harvest their own food in ESY NOLA’s edible teaching gardens.  The flagship site, an expansive 1/3-acre organic garden at Samuel J. Green Charter School, includes composting and worm composting (vermiculture), outdoor classrooms, a green living roof, native plants, a wetlands area, a citrus grove, row crops, and a butterfly garden.  The Edible Teaching Kitchen at Green is a hands-on classroom that brings abstract concepts from the classroom to life.  Grade-level cooking and seasonal food tastings incorporate ingredients from our very own garden and local farms.  ESY NOLA is the first replication of the original program founded by chef and food education activist Alice Waters in Berkeley, California. ESY NOLA helps children find a place at the table, and in the world, by nourishing their minds and bodies, building community, and creating a beautiful environment that stimulates students’ curiosity and desire to learn about the natural world, as well as the food traditions of New Orleans.

About Langenstein’s
When Michael Langenstein and his sons, George and Richard, opened Langenstein's supermarket in 1922, their goal was to carry the best meat and seafood in New Orleans. Based on the suggestions of customers, the business slowly grew into the gourmet arena. In the 1970's Langenstein's began offering prepared food using old-fashioned family recipes. Now, almost 90 years later, Langenstein's is a 5th generation owned and operated business, proudly holding true to its original ideas, while still adapting to the needs and suggestions of loyal customers.


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