Monday, November 22, 2010

Green hosts its annual Turkey Bowl!

This year's Green Charter Turkey Bowl was a resounding success!  Students could hang out, listen to music, play in a prize walk, compete in football games, enjoy delicious winter harvest pizzas, or...

 Students at SJ Green are daily schooled in the healthiest and most sustainable ways of eating and growing food.  Their love of organic, whole grain, fresh and local food is nationally recognized.  Except twice a year, at their holiday jamborees, when they engage in a food frenzy known as the Green Gobbler eating contests!  This year at Green's Turkey Bowl, 12 middle schoolers faced off in a competition of sheer gluttony to see who would reign supreme at the delicate art of no-hands pie eating.  And the winners are... Alexus and Josh!

Josh shows his clean plate skills.

Trisden struggles to get the last bits in, but Alexus shows the judges who's done first!
This is perseverance, guys!

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